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T-Shirts everywhere!

July 9, 2020

Everyone loves swag. We do as well. On every conference people are always looking to get some T-shirts, buttons or anything with our brand on it. We even get requests from time to time on our support whether we can sell a T-shirt and send it around the globe. It would be possible in theory, we could setup a shop selling nice T-shirts, but we want to focus on our main goal - making updates to make your routers even better and more secure. Thus we decided to let somebody else help us with T-shirts and various other swag that we even haven't tried producing yet. Starting today, you can find official Turris swag shop on https://swag.turris.cz

Company behind it can produce various items and send them wherever you are. We hope this makes our T-shirts and other items much easier to obtain and you wouldn't have to wait for the next conference and travel to Europe to get a Turris pin for your new shirt.