Protection of personal data

March 13, 2017

We take protecting our customers’ personal data very seriously. Simply put, we don’t do anything to others, which we would not like to have done to ourselves.

Human readable agreement

We don‘t require, collect or process any personal data, unless it is vitally necessary for the operation of the services provided by the router Turris and unless you explicitly agree to it. This can for example be done via e-mail when you want to be informed about security issues. Running the router Turris can be done completely anonymously and without direct contact with us.

In the cases where it is necessary to collect data, we collect and keep the smallest possible amount, which is required for our service to function. If there are any changes in the Turris services, which require us to process a new set of data, you will always be notified about it clearly and transparently. We keep all effective legal regulations. We do not share data with third parties without your knowledge and consent, except if it is fully and consistently anonymous and statistically processed (e.g. in graphs). We will not inform you of sharing your data with third parties only in those cases, where it is to be expected based on the nature of the service - for example when mailing you the router.

We encrypt all personal and other delicate data and we strictly regulate who has access to it. Apart from our honor, we also have the ISO 27001 certification.

We want to stress the fact that you can equip the routers Turris with third-party software, especially through the LuCI interface in which case we cannot take responsibility for the behavior, stability and data handling this may lead to.

The amount of data, which the CZ.NIC association collects and processes is governed either by a contract, which you have closed with us, or by the settings you have performed in the routers‘ user interface. The extent of saved, collected and processed data can be individually adjusted through forms for our services and you can check which data is collected via an open code. We usually keep the data only during the time that you are in possession or use of the router, the data concerning security incidents can however be kept for an unlimited amount of time.