More than just a router.
The open source center of your home.


Secure default configuration, easy setup and automatic updates


High power dual-core ARM CPU at 1.6 GHz with PC-like performance

Open source

Open hardware running free operating system based on OpenWrt



1.6 GHz dual-core ARM




8 GB flash


5× Gbit port


1× Gbit port



2× USB 3.0

Mini PCI Express

mSATA / mini PCI Express

Wi-Fi (mini PCIe)

3×3 MIMO 802.11ac 2×2 MIMO 802.11b/g/n

Apart from that, Turris Omnia also has SIM card slot, RTC with battery backup, crypto chip for secure random number generation, dimmable RGB LEDs and more.

Automatic updates
Lack of updates is a security problem for most home routers. Omnia offers unattended automatic updates to core components of the system for the lifetime of the device.

Omnia uses an operating system based on OpenWrt. This means that you have an open Linux distribution in your device and can do anything you would with a normal Linux server.

High throughput network setup

The internal network setup of Omnia is unique amongst home routers. Utilizing three gigabit ethernet lines, it offers better performance and more configuration options.

Network Attached Storage

Every router with a USB port may be used as a Network Attached Storage (NAS). Unfortunately, many routers are not powerful enough to handle high throughput from a USB connected disk.

Virtual server

There is a built-in virtual server in Omnia, which you can use for your software without risk to the main system.


Omnia has much more RAM than common SOHO routers. This allows you to use it for much more.

SFP connector

Even if you have fiber to the home, we can connect you without a middlebox.

Backup connectivity

Do you work from home and Internet connection is crucial for you all the time?


With Omnia, you can observe network attackers' activity from the safety of your home.


Not having enough entropy may be a security weakness. This is why we include an extra cryptochip.

RTC with battery backup

Missing time information may be a security problem when cryptography is involved.

Dimmable RGB LEDs

LEDs are an important source of information in a router. But they might not be so nice at night.

8 GB flash

Turris Omnia has two orders of magnitude more flash memory than common routers.


There are many things you can use Omnia for besides connecting to the Internet.


If you want extra fast storage in your Omnia, connect an SSD via the mSATA interface.


Turris Omnia has dual band Wi-Fi with 802.11ac and 802.11b/g/n.

About us

We based Turris Omnia on our experience with development of router Turris, a powerful and secure home router used for network security research project of CZ.NIC.

CZ.NIC is a non-profit organization running the .cz top level domain of the Czech Republic. We strongly believe in open source and strive to make all our products open. Besides hardware we also develop network software (BIRD, Knot DNS) and are active in the Internet community (IETF, ICANN, RIPE NCC, etc.).


Before you contact us, please try to find the answer in the documentation, or on our forum.

You can get in touch with us through our general questions address and technical support is available at The address for security issues and incident reporting is