1.1 The TURRIS Project is a research project of CZ.NIC, z. s. p. o. Association, with Business ID No. 67985726, and the headquarters at Milešovská 1136/5, Prague 3, The Czech Republic (hereinafter as " the CZ.NIC Association"). The purpose of this project is to protect home networks via a special router (the TURRIS OMNIA router, hereinafter as the " Device").

1.2 The Device enables the execution of remote automatic updates and monitoring, analysis and collection of information on security incidents related to computer networks, particularly the Internet. Detailed information is available on the project website www.turris.cz.


2.1 The Owner or user of the Device (hereinafter referred to as the "Owner") participates in the project under these terms and conditions by actively volunteering and signing up for subscription of automatic updates of the Device, which is performed by enabling this feature in the Device’s user interface. By enabling this feature the Owner agrees with automatic updates for the Device under these terms and conditions and undertakes to allow CZ.NIC to perform the activities described in these terms and conditions throughout the duration of their participation in the project.

2.2 A separate part of the project is monitoring, analysing and collecting information relating to the Device. The Owner becomes involved in this part of the project by actively and voluntarily activating these functions in the Device’s user interface. Terms and conditions for this part of the project are governed by separate Terms and Conditions for participation in the TURRIS project (data collection).

2.3 The Owner is entitled to terminate participation in the project at any time without giving a reason, by disabling this feature in the Device´s interface.

2.4 The CZ.NIC Association is entitled to terminate the Owner’s participation in the project or the project itself at any time without giving a reason, even without prior notice to the Owner.


3.1 Based on the analyses performed within the project and at its sole discretion, the CZ.NIC Association will prepare new versions of settings and software (incl. firmware) for the Device and remotely upload these new versions to the Device for which the Owner enables receiving automatic updates.

3.2 Any software developed and supplied by the CZ.NIC Association to the Device, will be released under a free software licence ("open-source" software) and will be available on the project website; the same applies for updates and new versions of the software that will be made available by the CZ.NIC Association on the project website at the latest at the time of their installation on the Device. The exception is third-party software, distributed in binary form, or whose licensing conditions prevent the distribution of the source code.

3.3 The Owner acknowledges that automatic updates or software reconfiguration (incl. firmware) may lead to reboot of the Device and therefore, failure of access to the Internet may occur.

3.4 The Owner acknowledges that if he makes hardware or software modifications on the Device, it may prevent correct function of automatic updates.

3.5 The Owner acknowledges that automatic updates can delete or damage the user setup of the Device, and that it may not be possible for the original user setup to be restored even from backup. Given the variability of these user setups, the CZ.NIC Association cannot ensure that the customised setup or modifications (including software changes made by the Owner) will continue working after the automatic update. The CZ.NIC Association is not liable for damage caused to the Owner due to these reasons.

3.6 The Owner also acknowledges that the new versions of the Device settings and updates will be provided according to the best knowledge and belief of the CZ.NIC Association, yet it cannot be guaranteed that the new versions will eliminate all problems or resolve all the Device vulnerabilities.

3.7 None of these terms obligate the CZ.NIC Association to perform automatic updates, or to perform them at regular intervals, in a certain way or to solve certain problems or vulnerabilities.

3.8 The CZ.NIC Association is entitled to acquire, monitor and analyse identification data of the Device and of software packages (programs) installed on the Device.


4.1 In the event the Owner allows the Device to be used by other people, they shall inform these people about the features of this Device under these terms and conditions.

4.2 The Owner acknowledges that if they performs any modifications or changes to the Device’s software equipment (e.g. installation of additional software), the the functionality of the device may be negatively influenced or stop working completely.

4.3 The Owner acknowledges and agrees that, for the purposes of fulfilling the subject and purpose of the project, under these terms and conditions, there will be data transfers to and from the Device. The volume of such transfers does not usually exceed 500 MB per calendar month. All payments for data transfers through the Device, will be paid for by the Owner in full, and the Owner shall not be entitled to any refund of the costs or any part thereof from the CZ.NIC Association.


5.1 The Owner declares to be thoroughly acquainted with the subject and purpose of the project in accordance with the terms and conditions and objectives of the project, and agrees to the processing of their personal data, which the CZ.NIC Association obtains under these terms and conditions in the extent necessary to achieve the subject and purpose of the project under these terms and conditions. The Owner also declares that the data provided are correct and undertakes to notify their change to the CZ.NIC Association without undue delay.

5.2 The Owner is entitled to ask the CZ.NIC Association for information regarding the processing of their personal data, which shall be provided without undue delay.

5.3 Should the Owner discover or suspect that the CZ.NIC Association is processing the Owner´s personal data that is inconsistent with the protection of private and personal life or in conflict of the applicable legislation, especially if the data are inaccurate with regard to the purpose of their processing, the Owner is entitled to require explanations from the CZ.NIC Association, as well as removal of the situation (especially by blocking, correcting, supplementing or liquidation of personal data).


6.1 The CZ.NIC Association is entitled to change these terms and conditions at any time. CZ.NIC is obliged to disclose changes in these terms and conditions at least one month before the effective date of such change, by publishing the changes on http://www.turris.cz and a notification displayed on the web interface of the Device. The Owner is entitled to refuse the changes in these terms and conditions by terminating their participation in the project in accordance with Article 2.3 of these terms and conditions. If the Owner continues to participate in the Project after the effect of changes in the terms and conditions, then they agree with the change.

6.2 Any amendments, reservations, limitations or variations to these terms and conditions are excluded.

6.3 The relationship between the CZ.NIC Association and the Owner is governed by the laws of the Czech Republic.