Turris OS 3.8 is out!

Sept. 14, 2017

Turris OS 3.8 is here at last! It took us slightly longer to release it, but we worked hard on it and we think the wait was worth it, because 3.8 has lots of new cool features. Many thanks go to our devoted community for helping us test all the new functions – thanks for being with us!

This time the main changes and improvements include:

• Foris now gives you the option to set bandwidth limits for the Guest network.

• A new function in Foris is also the option to propagate client names into local DNS.

• One big joint step for Foris and the Updater are Delayed updates. You can have a look at how to use the Delayed updates function in our documentation.

Russian, Danish and Lithuanian community translations have been added to Foris. You can turn these languages on in the "Updater" tab in Foris …and if you would like Foris to speak your own language, consider becoming a community translator ;-)!

• Userlists changes include trimmed down dependencies.

• Suricata has been updated to a new version with more modular configuration and helper packages.

Php7 is now supported!

• A new package has been added: MariaDB.

A big new feature is the support of Nextcloud – a popular home cloud solution! Support is still in trial operation and installation is mostly for experienced users, but we hope to make simpler setup available through our web-based configuration interface Foris in the course of this year.

• Hardware feed – we added a few hardware related packages.

• We haven’t forgotten about our Turris 1.x users and we added **Btrfs support for Turris 1.x**. Have a look at the at the manual here.

• We’ve introduced basic NFS4 support.

• And last but not least a we now have a faster boot!

If you want to chat about the changes in Turris OS 3.8 with other users or with us, please visit our forum, where we also post about every update.

Have fun using the new functions and thanks for your support!

your Turris team