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- Od dgrb Dne 2016-11-08 19:29
Is anyone else having problems with wireless?

Firstly, the range covered seems significantly less than my 10-year old Linksys router gave me. A music streamer perhaps 10 yards from the turris kept cutting out. And the wireless status page tells me that radio0 has a bitrate of 1Mbps, which is clearly nonsense as the cloer music streamer (perhaps 4 yards away) happily streamed a 24-96 FLAC file and, used as a wireless bridge, has seamlessly carried streaming 1080p video. Plus my laptop connection allegedly has Rx/Tx bitrates 65.0/1.0Mbps of But anything further away.

So I  tried turning on the second (legacy) network chip which gives me slightly better coverage, and a stated bitrate of 43.2Mbps, seems to randomly drop connected hosts and have to be restarted.

I'm beginning to wonder if the hardware is faulty.

Anyone any suggestions as to how to proceed from here?

thanks in advance.
Nahoru Téma Public (EN only) / General Discussion / Wireless woes (uzamčeno)

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