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Dear Turris routers users,

this forum has been frozen on Dec 9th, 2016 and replaced by our new Turris forum. It will be read-only accessible for some time after. For more information, read the announcement about closing the forum.

Nahoru Téma Public (EN only) / General Discussion / Flashing the router (uzamčeno)
- - Od vgivanovic Dne 2016-10-18 23:30
I accidentally chose to hold down the reset button until LED 3 was lit (it is the 4th LED not counting the power LED) and so started to flash my router without a USB drive plugged in. All the LEDs are red (orange) and have been for 15 minutes. (a) How long does a flashing operation take in minutes (roughly)? (b) Can I simply push the reset button and choose LED #2 (the 3rd LED - reset to factory settings)? or should I (c) put the latest image on a USB drive and plug it into the router?

--- Vladimir
Nadřazený - - Od vgivanovic Dne 2016-10-18 23:44
Nevermind. I pressed the reset button after 20 minutes, and all seems well.
Nadřazený - Od roykfahey Dne 2016-11-10 06:06
Thanks for discussing this matter here
Nahoru Téma Public (EN only) / General Discussion / Flashing the router (uzamčeno)

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