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Nahoru Téma Public (EN only) / General Discussion / Which LTE card work? (uzamčeno)
- - Od georgmayer Dne 2016-11-23 18:42

I got the router yesterday and I'm very happy with it. Thanks a lot for the great work!

I want to install an LTE card into it, but have no clue which ones would work - the text on the English site is not very clear.

Can you maybe list a few models which would work both from hardware side but also with Linux?

Will the LTE card be configurable via LuCI or will there be separate linux commands to do so?

Thanks a lot for your support and great work!

Nadřazený - - Od georgmayer Dne 2016-11-24 17:44
Ok, I now saw the video and also the related documentation at

My question now is, where can I get the LTE pack? I would like to order it.

Thanks & cheers,
Nadřazený - Od Pepe (>) Dne 2016-11-24 23:30
You can't buy LTE perk from CZ.NIC, because they're not selling it anymore. Maybe in future they will sell again, but now you need to buy it separately on your own.
Look here:
Nahoru Téma Public (EN only) / General Discussion / Which LTE card work? (uzamčeno)

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