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Dear Turris routers users,

this forum has been frozen on Dec 9th, 2016 and replaced by our new Turris forum. It will be read-only accessible for some time after. For more information, read the announcement about closing the forum.

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- - Od samm Dne 2014-09-28 08:46

I found that turris packages feed list is very differ from openwrt one:

- feeds
- turris feeds

E.g. telephony feed in the turris list is very outdated and seems to be abandoned. Same for "packages" - github collection includes recent version of the package and turris - very outdated. Now i am building packages i need from the openwrt feeds, but it is not very convenient. Do you have any specific reason for this and do you plan to fix it somehow?
Nadřazený - - Od Ondřej Caletka (>>>) Dne 2014-09-28 09:05 Hlasů 1
My hope is that once the upstream OpenWRT 14.07 BB goes final, TurrisOS will somehow migrate to that final version, including all feeds. IMO, the reason for current status is that TurrisOS forked from a development version of Barrier Breaker about year ago and since then, there have been a lot of changes both in upstream OpenWRT and in TurrisOS, making the rebase process quite difficult.
Nadřazený - Od samm Dne 2014-09-28 09:58
Thank you for reply, thats what I was expecting :)

Just in case - new telephony feed works fine with turris so it should be safe to update it before ) Another suggestion is to make "issues" section somewhere because forum IMHO is not a best tool for the error tracking.

P.S. Now my turris works as Asterisk PBX with GSM (chan_dongle) gateway. I also added g.729 encoder and performance is very good.
Nadřazený - Od samm Dne 2014-10-02 18:46 Hlasů 1
Its released :)
The OpenWrt developers are proud to announce the final release of OpenWrt Barrier Breaker -
Nahoru Téma Majitelé routerů / Technická podpora / Turris distribution list

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